Tuesday, March 10, 2009

DNF, bleh.

I was psyched for the third Snake Creek Gap Time Trial after a mechanical dropped me out of the last one. Sadly it was not to be as a respiratory infection took me out.

I woke up at about midnight the night before the race with an uncontrollable dry cough. I hadn't felt like I was getting sick, but I guess I was. Saturday morning I still had the cough going but deluded myself into thinking it was going to go away as soon as I started riding.

I went out pretty strong, and held a good pace for the first five miles. At the top of one pretty aerobic climb the cough came back, and then I started to have trouble any time my heart rate got near my aerobic threshold. I couldn't keep any calories down either, which was only making everything worse. Anything I tried to eat or drink just came right back up. At the time I thought it was just a nutrition issue unrelated to the coughing but I was actually sick. The fact that I was repeatedly puking in the woods wasn't enough to make me quit, though. I made it to about mile 19, mostly on sheer force of will, but I was running on empty and I couldn't get any farther.

(Not sure how I managed the smile here-- 30 seconds before this
photo was taken I was throwing up on the side of the trail.
Really glad the guy let me get back on the bike before he took it.)

Nothing I could do about it-- given how sick I feel now its clear I shouldn't have been racing. The only way I could have avoided a DNF was to not start at all... which might have been a better idea.

On the upside, I had a great ride at a slower pace at Raccoon Mtn the next day. Even after three crappy races this year I am definitely coming back for SCG next year! This race is super fun.

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