Wednesday, June 10, 2009


98 miles solo on the Blue Ridge Parkway, getting acquainted with a new frame, Lynskey R330. Took me a while to get this built up just right, even though all the components were from my old frame.

This bike is a rocket. Very stable at higher speeds, great handling while descending through corners. Extremely stiff while climbing and while hammering the flats. Noticably less flex in the seatstays and chainstays than the Litespeed Icon I was riding before; Lynskey Helix shaping is no gimmick. This bike wants to go fast. It feels good, too. Titanium plus a Wobble-Naught fit add up to both comfort and power even over the long haul.

The wheels and components (Fulcrum R3, SRAM Force, Ritchey WCS) were from my previous frame. Only the stem and the orange CK headset are new. This bike needed an orange headset, I am sure you agree. (Yes, I know the steer tube is still a bit long. I have committment issues.)

If I were more of a roadie I could write a more elaborate review. As a humble mountain biker all I can say is, this bike is a rocket. And it is stupid-light.

A nice chunk of Parkway, just a simple route. A bit more than 9k of climbing. I park near the intersection of BRP and 276 so I could grab new bottles at the halfway point. Easy also to add a spur onto this route by going down 276 toward Brevard. It rained hard from mile 5 to mile 20, then a short but violent thunderstorm from mile 77 to mile 90. Most of the rain was during climbs, which I much prefer. The rainbow in the first photo was from right near the end of the ride.

A "Pisgah Squirrel" on the Parkway

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  1. oooo pretty. love the parkway. and the new bike is sharp too.