Thursday, December 31, 2009


These started out the drive from Arizona in the trunk of the car. By halfway through New Mexico I had moved them inside to the back seat. When I stopped to stretch my legs somewhere in West Texas I took their portrait.

I guess I was pretty naughty this year because Santa didn't bring me any bike presents. I saw these deadstock Mono Minis up on a high shelf in a Phoenix shop and gave them to myself. I almost had to buy them. The first part of my new bike to find its way into my hot little hands. Since a King headset and BB are not possible on this bike these brakes will probably be the only color-anodized components. But I can't make any promises.

I owned a 1971 MG Midget for a couple years, a beautiful little deathtrap which needed at least one critical repair on any given day it was in my ownership. Notably it broke down on (and was towed off of) the New Jersey Turnpike, the DC Beltway, and the Merritt Parkway, which has to be some sort of hat trick of Northeast Corridor traffic failures. The biggest lesson I thought I had learned from MG ownership was this: the English have many skills but cannot be trusted to manufacture anything with moving parts. Do not buy any English-made item more complex than a wedge of Stilton.

But these are so light, and pink, and Hopes feel soooo good when they are set up right. English beauty shining there in the desert sun, who can resist.