Friday, January 15, 2010


Last week I claimed that in 2009 my buddy Carey Lowery was so fast that I had not actually even glimpsed her once between a start line and a finish line. I have a correction. I did see her one time although I wish I hadn't.

Back in midsummer Carey and I both raced in the pro/open class at the Cowbell Challenge Marathon. Full sun, full humidity, the heat index was 115 degrees and conditions were nasty enough that people were dropping out left and right. I just wanted to keep a decent pace and manage the heat, and passed a lot of people later on when they were feeling it. The only way to survive was to take in crazy amounts of fluids and electrolytes. Since it was a lap race that was easy to do, and I drank insane amounts of water/nuun/maltodextrin/sea salt homebrew over the course of the race. When I totalled it up afterward turned out I'd gone through ten liters of water during the race itself.

This photo does nothing to convey how hot it was out there. It was REALLY hot.

Even though I was sweating buckets during the race eventually that ten liters of water found its way through my system. In the last lap of the race I finally had to take a pee break and pulled off the trail into some undergrowth. Right after I got situated, there comes Carey up the trail with three guys right behind, following her lines and pacing off her. The women's leader. She was lapping me! And just then I realize that the trail doubled back on itself right in front of me, so the bushes that screened me in one direction were sadly absent from the other side. As she comes around, she cheerfully yells out, Hi Emily! and starts laughing. Umm.... Hi Carey! Looking strong! The guys behind her say nothing and more or less avert their eyes out of embarrassment. To make it even worse, then I suddenly notice that the undergrowth I am peeing in contains a whole lot of poison ivy. Just awesome.

So did I see Carey once between a start and finish line in 2009... as she literally caught me with my pants down... in poison ivy.

Carey just had gall bladder surgery which I doubt will slow her down for even ten minutes. There's a chance that I won't ever see Carey between a start line and a finish line in 2010 either. I just hope not to get lapped by her this year... get well soon Carey!!

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