Monday, February 15, 2010


This is starting to wear me down.

Hiking Harbison State Forest trails. Currently a 25 mile ribbon of melty snow and mud.
At least the dog likes it.

Everything is postponed. Everything is getting rescheduled. Part of it's the fucking weather. Part of it's just me. Enough stuff is moving around, maybe it's time to make a post about it. Here's where it stands.

The sooner:
  • The Heartbreaker semi-underground Super-Super-D: postponed due to snow. I didn't have especially high hopes for my performance since I pretty much never ride on that side of Pisgah and everyone else has that trail memorized, but I thought I would make the scene. Hey, there was a chick class so I might as well race. I guess I will still show up for the rescheduled date. Boy, I need an attitude adjustment on this one. 2.14-->2.28.
  • The race formerly known as The Most Horrible Thing Ever, P36AR: postponed due to snow. I was pretty excited for this one. I'd even, no lie, had a nightmare about this race, so it must have been on my mind. Truthfully the nightmare was about the race getting called off midway through due to weather, and everyone getting stupid drunk in the snow, but still. 2.20-21-->4.02-03 (new date is still unofficial, I think).
  • Trans North Georgia (TNGA) ITT: postponed til May due to rain and mud. This one was my own call. I'm doing this sometime this year, and early March looked good schedule-wise. But after Snake Creek Gap I was reconsidering. The ground was completely saturated with water, and the doubletrack was torn up. My chain, my bottom bracket, my brake pads were suffering after just 34 miles. Even if half the miles of TNGA were anything like those conditions it would just be a death march, especially self-supported. I want to travel at greater than death march speed. Early March-->mid May
  • 6 Hours of Warrior Creek: not postponed, but now conflicts with the (unofficially) rescheduled P36AR. However, this may be ok. I don't like doing laps. I hate going over the same ground over and over. At some point mid-winter, it had occurred to me that I would probably be a happier racer in 2010 the less often I did lap races. I may do a couple 6h or less, but I'm gonna try to make a point of racing the big loops and the point-to-points. 36 hours of Pisgah is preferable to 6 hours of Warrior Creek. Even writing that, I know it sounds kind of nuts, but I actually mean it.
The later:
  • Cohutta 100 and Mohican 100 seem unmoved as of yet. I hope I can make it to both of them. After endless mechanical issues at Mohican last year I really want to get out there and do that race right.
  • The Question Mark: Cochiti 100 is near Santa Fe and not too far from where my brother and his wife just bought some land in Taos Canyon. I've been thinking I'd like to get out that way again some time soon to see their new digs, and I have been admiring the semi-un-official lineup of the New Mexico Endurance Series. A semi-un-official 100 sounds like a great ride and a great excuse to see some new trail. If I don't make Cochiti I may try to get to Double Boundary Trail in the fall. That one's most appealing-- the course sounds burly, has plenty of climbing, ends at Taos' best burrito joint, and actually encircles the canyon where my brother's land is.
  • The Other Question Mark: sometime in there I'm going to ride Pisgah 99 route again. And this time I'm gonna finish it. When? Haven't decided. I'm definitely waiting til the snow melts.
  • And: Colorado Trail Race. What? When did that get on the calendar? Blame my buddy Robb "The Extra B is for Bad Attitude" Kranz. Sometime last year he casually asked me if I was going to race CTR in 2010. I perhaps over-vehemently listed a whole lot of very good reasons why that wasn't going to happen. But all the very good reasons not to do it were counterbalanced by the fact that I actually really do want to do it, and think I can get it done. And this feels like the right time. But CTR knocks a few other things off the schedule. I'd been thinking of High Cascades 100, which would have been a good excuse to get back out to Oregon. Or Wilderness 101, which I was kind of looking forward to doing a better job at after last year (you CAN train through a hundred-miler, but it won't be pretty). And I didn't enter the Leadville lottery this year, last year went well but I don't feel like I need to do it again just yet.
Putting something as heavy as CTR on the schedule re-weights the whole thing. Things move to accommodate it. As long as nothing goes haywire between now and then, there is no reason why I would not line up on August 2. No matter how carefully it's decided, it still feels reckless. Like declaring I'm going to put a man on the moon by the end of the decade.

But why do any of this, if not for reckless reasons? And remember: Kennedy made that declaration in 1962, and before the end of the decade there was a man walking on the moon. Not because it was easy, but because it was hard.

Can I do it? Fuck yes, I can. See you on the moon.


  1. we're going to try ski-ing on that trail north of our place this march