Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Harbingers of Spring

Harbinger of Spring #1:
Sightings: the first robin of spring has been sighted in Wisconsin, the first scorpion of spring in Arizona, and in South Carolina the first biscuit of spring.

Young biscuit, strayed far from its herd. Gone feral, basking in the sunshine.

The South is known for its biscuits. Clearly a robust specimen. An auspicious sighting.

Harbinger of Spring #2: all-serious-like training on the road bike.

A flat on the road bike led to dawdling off a side road. Fort Jackson, where the roads are nearly vacant except for the occasional transport vehicle or division of fully flak-jacketed recruits. Beloved training ground of Midlands roadies, backdrop of many a ride report over on the Hawley blog. Without the summer undergrowth there's more to see back through the trees. I looked close enough to decide I really don't want to know. Monsters? Alien autopsies? Robots? Extra bombs? Mysterioso.

Mulder and Scully style photo.
Side note: advanced military lawnmower skills.
Later on the same action-packed solo ride:

Space cadet. Intervals. Face-first landing.
Unscathed except for a divot on the jaw. Lots of blood, very little else.

Three days later. It was just a little chin music, no harm done. And BKB tshirt: Midwest, represent.
Side note: Those SRAM Force levers can really take a beating.

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