Thursday, May 20, 2010

None of the Above

I held you in suspense rather longer than intended.

The answer for the quiz was Dirty Kanza. YAY! Kanza wasn't even on my radar when I wrote the quiz post, honestly. I'm hoping I might be able to do Kanza instead of Mohican and skipping all the Memorial Day options I'd listed.

There's been some bike issues over the past several weeks. What's the point of going into the whole long boring story here? Last time I was on a trail was PMBAR, let's leave it at that. Determining what races I might actually be able to race needs to be based on what equipment I might have in my possession. The four races in the quiz were for four different kinds of bikes, you didn't notice that did you? Ha!

The quiz winner was my sister in law, who won by waiting to guess until I mentioned that I was going to Kanza, then guessing. She wins the jacket I got for last year's NUE Series qualifier. Nice work Lea!

Looking forward to posting soon about new bike parts. And some new bike rides.

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