Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Wednesday Super Quiz!

A Monday email from my coach, in response to my wanting to throw something else into my schedule, is thick with scare quotes:
I wouldn’t “come up with it” as a “great approach” when drawing up the “how to race your fastest NUE” book… but again, in the grander scheme of your year, I think this could be solid.
He definitely earns his fee, working with me. Thanks as always, Will.

Wednesday Fun Quiz: WHICH of the following Memorial Day weekend events am I suddenly considering adding to my schedule at the last minute?

a) Women's Solo category at the Burn 24 Hour up in Wilkesboro
b) The cyclocross bike category in the Richmond Hill Urban Mountain Bike Challenge in the Asheville Mountain Sports Festival
c) Audax Atlanta's Long Hammer 600k Brevet in the North Georgia mountains
d) Solo ITT of the TNGA (Trans-North-Georgia) mtb route
e) It's a trick question, Emily has considered all of them
f) It's a trick question, Emily is considering just sitting around all weekend
g) Write in candidate: ___________________

Guess in the comment section here, or if I know you, guess on my Facebook page.

The winner will receive a piece of schwag from last year's pile of things I won at races. Not saying what it is, but it's a pretty decent piece of merchandise. Winner will be the person who has the BEST answer, and this determination is subject to my whims. An especially good write in candidate may trump an actual correct answer. Thanks for playing!


  1. g) camping and riding around old fort for several days.

  2. i've got two guesses because i couldn't narrow it down to just one. #1 - 'g'. a write in for the transylvania epic thing in PA. Road trip + seven days of racing = good times. #2 - memorial day weekend is at least three days, commonly drawn out to four days with the addition of Friday, so with that huge hunk of time,by my reasoning 'e' is the correct answer.

  3. Mandy, oh, forgot that was the same weekend! I wish. Man that would be fun.