Monday, July 5, 2010


The fourth of July.  Woke up after the first night sleeping in my new place in Asheville.  Instead of working on moving in, I went out for a solo Independence Day ride in some of our nation's beautiful public land.  Pisgah used to be privately owned, but early in the 20th century the federal government bought this forest from the Vanderbilts and opened it up to us all.  Thanks, America, for giving us such a great place to ride bikes.

North Mills parking-> 1206-> Laurel Mtn-> Pilot Rock-> 1206-> 476-> South Mills River-> Squirrel Gap-> Horse Cove-> 5018-> 1206.  I hadn't linked up those two sets of trail into a single ride before.  In fact, I hadn't even ridden that section of South Mills in that direction before.  It was a nice ride.  Notable for the fact that I didn't use a map and that it took exactly as long as I expected it to take.  

Plenty of time to think things over out there.  Yes, I just moved to Asheville (mostly) but I still work at a great job in SC.  In some ways this makes my life more complicated, but it also makes a lot of sense.  I'd been mulling this move over for a long time, and the people who really know me know it's a good move.  The path of least resistance has never been the path I wanted to be on.


  1. Hey hey, welcome! Glad to have you ... it's all downhill to work now :-)

    A bit more work is SG to the end, then back up to YG via 5015. That last climb sorta' works you, but the downhill to NMR is super fun! Lemme know next time you're in the hood ...

  2. Chris: funny, I actually had started the ride thinking that's what I was gonna do, but then decided I wasn't in the mood to climb up 5015 for the second time in a week!