Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Laos and Thailand

Soon, this space will rise from the dead. With trip reports.
I rode my bike around in Thailand and Laos, and lost half of the photos, including almost all the ones of Thailand and Vientiane. But I have the other half! It was a good trip. Stay tuned, this time I mean it.


  1. I thought this blog had gone the way of the Dodo bird. Glad to see you back and writing again.

  2. Have missed reading your crazy adventures! Come back!

    In the meantime, the Calamity Janes blog seems to have been taken over by spammers?

  3. Guess you didn't mean it this time? Cycling needs some good news right now!

  4. No chance this blog is coming back? I thought you meant it this time!

  5. Hi, well, thanks for your interest/impatience, Mr. 4d7ae8d8-59b7-11e1-8802-000f20980440 (if that IS your real name)

    I stepped away from big-deal racing for a little while, and stopped blogging along with it. As much as I love endurance racing, a lot of the online rigamarole surrounding the bike industry was starting to get me down. A nice long break from the bikernet was just what I needed.

    I imagine this blog or its successor will return this fall or winter. Stand by... or not?